Salem-Keizer Electrology

  • Q. Why should I choose Electrolysis over other hair removal methods?
  • A. Electrolysis is the only proven permanent hair removal method. It is also the only permanent method recognized by the FDA. Laser is considered "Permanent Hair Reduction" and does not work on all hair colors, types and skin. 

  • Q. Why does waxing tweezing and threading make hair growth worsen?
  • A. When you "force" a hair out of the follicle, the body senses injury and rushes blood to that area to repair and regrow the hair. The body will, over time, grow a stronger and coarser hair. This only exasperates unwanted hair issues.

  • Q. How long does it take to achieve permanency with electrolysis?
  • A. Electrolysis is permanent, but not immediately. It takes a series of several treatments to achieve permanency. For every hair that is treated on the surface of the skin, there are several  hairs under the skin growing their way out. The key is to treat the hairs shortly after they appear. Many factors determine the treatment and time for each person.


  • Q. How many treatments will I need?
  • A. It is different for each person. We grow hair for several different reasons, the two biggest are blood flow and hormone shifts. For some it is a few months, for others it may take longer. It also depends on density, size of the area, how frequent & length of your treatments, thickness and what methods you have used in the past to rid  yourself of the hair.

  • Q. Is it painful?
  • A. Many say it is tolerable, but you will feel a sensation. Some say its a warming feeling, or a slight zing. I work within my clients comfort levels to help them achieve results with comfort. Come to your appointment relaxed, with no caffeine, and can even take some ibuprofen before your treatment to help alleviate and discomfort

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