Liz J.

"I had laser hair removal and was still plagued by unwanted hair on my face and have been seeing Denissa for this reason. She is professional, warm and caring and her treatments are effective. The cost is very reasonable, appointments are easy to make and her office environment is clean and inviting. If you are looking for a permanent solution for unwanted hair I encourage you to contact Denissa. You will not be disappointed!"


"Denissa is amazing! She makes you feel right at home; grab a blanket, here's a pillow, kick your shoes off and get comfortable. Plus she is so easy to talk to, funny, a great listener, and entertaining all at the same time. That's all bonus though. She is very professional and good at what she does. Five Stars!"

Sally R.

"I recommend Salem-Keizer Electrology to everyone. Great service, personal attention, professional and experienced."

Maria V.

"I would highly recommend Salem-Keizer Electrology, and Denissa in particular to anyone interested in permanent hair removal. Denissa is very professional while at the same time friendly and generous to her clients. Her office has a welcoming and calming feel. Although I am in the middle of treatments, the results have been good and steady. The nearby location,  facility with parking, and simple system for making appointments have made treatments a feasible option for me despite my busy schedule."

Melanie M.

"Just for openers, Denissa is a peach! Always pleasant, personable, welcoming and she works wonders with her schedule to meet my hectic life. She has a natural way of making me feel at ease with a not so pleasant troublesome hair or two or three. Salem-Keizer Electrology is highly recommended, 5 stars all the way! Thanks so much, Melanie"

Susan T.

"I am so glad I found Salem-Keizer Electrology and Denissa. She is very professional, has a great system to make appointments and be reminded of them. She is friendly, very good at the removal of hair, and a delight to know. The office is very clean and inviting with plenty of parking. Please continue your business for all of us Denissa!!!

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